North Yorkshire Sandstone - Screw Ons PU

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Dannomond Polyurethane, 28 Holds
North Yorkshire Sandstone. If Yorkshire is ‘God’s own County’ then climbing on the sandstone of North Yorkshire must be truly divine. Formed during the Jurassic period, this collection of sandstone remains very exposed to the elements and has a very unique range of eroded features. The coastline, moorlands and quarries offer a rich texture of rock in remote locations, often only recently being rediscovered after years of isolation. The North Yorkshire Sandstone range of climbing holds aims to capture the essence of these rock formations and the variety of shapes that make this area so special. Soft sandstone eroded by the wind and rain has a well-rounded surface which for such detailed shapes is easy to grip and not sharp on the tips.
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Brand Rockcity
Material PU
Texture Textured
Size Screw On
Number of Items 28
Fixing Type Screw On