Rockcity Climbing Holds

Electronically Adjustable Frame And Panels - Kilter Board 12 x 12 - 30-70 Degrees - Freestanding

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Freestanding Kilter Board with a 12ft x 12ft overhang controlled by electronic rams, with a 2.5ft high kickboard for the maximum clearance when using the board at 70 degrees overhanging. Change the angle from 30 degrees all the way to 70 degrees at the push of a button.\n\n

This completely freestanding Kilter Board that requires no fixing to any part of a building. Ideal for confined or loft spaces on mezzanines where you have limited height behind the board and you have only a narrow section in which to extend the adjustable overhanging panel. Designed to be used by the public within a climbing gym environment or for the ultimate home climbing board setup.
*Frame and panels only. Holds and lights sold separately.
  • brand: Rockcity