Rockcity Climbing Holds


Climbing Holds - PE

Guaranteed to sap the power from any Superman or Supergirl. These Kryptonite holds are formed from a radioactive crystal material producing different irregular geometric shapes offering many different ways to be held. Not your typical range of climbing holds, split into jugs, edges, pinches and slopers, these Kryptonite holds become different types depending on the angle and orientation they are used in, especially on surfaces ranging from slabs, to vertical and slightly overhanging.

On steep ground, you will really have your superhero powers drained as they force you to pinch, or bear down on the sloping edges, with full power. This is a universal battle. Every hold uses a variety of angles to keep you guessing. They can be used in a variety of angles and rotations so that they force you to have to find the best way of using them. Once again the design of the Kryptonite holds stops you from grabbing the blob-like shape common in most climbing holds.