Basic Jugs
Fibreglass Macros - Dual Texture - Monocolour

With the Basic Jugs we have been able to add a wider range of shapes within the Basic framework. We still have tried to hide the individual shape of each hold so that the climber will struggle to tell them apart. Unlike the rest of the Basic line which caters well for slabs, vertical walls and slightly overhanging sections, these Basic Jugs allow for wild dynos, cut loose campus moves and huge compression clamping across the steepest terrain.

More work has been put into the shaping of each macro hold than the other Basics but still the majority of the work and technical engineering is in the rest of these macro holds. This part creates no edge where the macro joins the climbing wall, so the climber is forced to use the part of the hold that the route setters want to insist the climber has to. This is even more useless when the macro is in dual texture.