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Basic Mega+ - 1120x1350 45

Basic Mega+ - 1120x1350 45

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The Basics just got bigger, well 'Mega'. Growing slightly in size to accommodate any of the Basic Edges, Basic Crescents etc on the large flat 'D' shape, allowing for angle changes to your existing Basic macros placements or use them on their own as a huge 'Mega' macro. The 'D' has plywood sandwich, so you can screw directly any giant hold or macro in confidence that it will be on there to stay. Surprisingly light in weight and easy to handle given the Mega'ness of them. Already tearing up the IFSC World Cups, expect to see these as a staple of any good climbing competition or a great addition to the best climbing gym routes and boulders.

Brand: Rockcity

Material: Fibreglass

Texture: Textured

Number of items: 1

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