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Biote Set - 150 +2

Biote Set - 150 +2

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Rockcity Biote Dual Texture screw-on holds take the humble pinch and add a variety of options. 20 individual shapes in both left hand and right hand versions, delivering a whopping 40 Biote pinches. Add to that the amount of gloss used to reduce the overall use of anything not directly part of the pinch. Squeeze or be squeezed.

Using the -0+ system of positivity it's easy to know which set is the most suitable for the wall you want to use them on.

Zero is where it all starts. A neutral profile that has to be held. Any Minus values then this profile is becoming harder to hold, more sloping. When the grading becomes Positive, then the grip does too. The grading system records the most positive side of the two faces of the pinch hold, so eventually the pinch becomes an edge with an opposing thumb.

Fortunately for the route setters but unfortunate for the climber, the Biotes all look very similar, so it's near impossible to tell which shape is which and so making climbing an on-site experience is always a plus

Brand: Rockcity

Material: PU

Texture: Dual Textured

Number of items: 8

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