Rockcity Climbing Holds
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  • Rockcity Climbing Holds, Training, Fingerboard. Less is more with this simple classic design that makes the Rockcity Fingerboard an ideal training partner. Unlike most Fingerboards, the Rockcity Fingerboard is supplied in two halves. Here is why -
  • No two climbers or their shoulders are the same widths.
  • Allows all three different sized holds to be used the same distance apart.
  • You can use your thumbs on the 'inside' of the Fingerboard
  • Removes all the clutter that doesn’t actually do anything. Made from Polyurethane it is softer than the conventional Polyester Resin Fingerboards of the 1990s and has a great open texture that works well with climbing chalk (magnesium carbonate). Unlike wood, it won't split or splinter and is dishwasher safe.
  • brand: Rockcity